Travel information

Transport in the Czech Republic
The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is located on the north-western border of Prague, close to the Prague airport and with a very good access to the Prague city centre. The Prague Airport is located approximately 10 km away from the city centre and 5 km from University Campus. Prague has an international connection with all the main cities of Europe and other continents. 

Czech Railways provides clean, efficient train service to almost every part of the country. Travel is cheap compared to Western standards. 

Long-distance coach connections tend to be faster, more frequent and marginally cheaper than train connections, and remoter locations require fewer transfers. 

Transport to the congress venue 
The transport from the Prague airport or Railway station to the congress venue will not be provided. Please use the city transport or taxi according the travel information.

Directions from the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague to CZU Prague
Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is located 10 km west of the city centre. You can make your way from the Airport to our campus by city bus, airport shuttle, or taxi.

The city bus number 119, which brings passengers from the airport to Nádraží Veleslavín metro (underground) station is the cheapest option. The bus ticket costs only CZK 32 and is valid for 90 minutes (see details on a ticket), including any connecting public transport in Prague (buses, trams or metro). The 119 bus ends at Nádraží Veleslavín metro station, travel time to Nádraží Veleslavín is about 17 minutes, with interval time 5 to 20 minutes (depending the hour). At Nádraží Veleslavín station, you get on a metro and travel two more stations until Dejvická metro station. At Dejvická take a bus number 107 or 147 and travel to the bus stop Zemědělská univerzita. The stop is announced on the bus public address system and you can also read it on the digital display. This journey takes around 10 minutes.

There are three more bus line options how everybody can get from the airport to the city centre. Bus 100 goes to Zličín (yellow line – line B), bus 191 goes to Na Knížecí/Anděl (yellow line – line B), and Airport Express goes to Hlavní nádraží (red line – line C). However, these buses go further from the university campus. Please see the travel fares of these buses on the official website of the Prague transportation (

Taxi is the most expensive though fast way of getting to our university. The price for the way from Airport to the congress venue should be about 350 - 400 CZK (16 Euro). If you choose to travel from the Airport to our university by taxi, insist that the taxi driver travels via the town of Horoměřice (the fare is around 350 CZK). The other way is via Dejvická (Dejvice), it is much longer and costs about double!



Directions from railway stations to CZU Prague
Passengers travelling to Prague by train come to either of the two central railway stations: Wilsonovo - Hlavní nádraží (Wilson Main Railway Station) or Nádraží Holešovice (Holesovice Railway Station). Both are on line C (red line) of the metro system. The Wilson station is usually the terminus for trains arriving from the West or East (Paris, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Zurich, Warsaw, Moscow). Holešovice station is for trains coming from other directions (Berlin, Dresden, Wien, Budapest, Zagreb).

You can get to Dejvická by going on the metro line C (red) to the Muzeum station and there you can transfer to the A line (green). At Dejvická, you get on bus No. 107 or 147 and travel for 10 minutes to the bus stop Zemědělská univerzita.

Directions from bus station to CZU Prague
Passengers coming by long distance buses or coaches from any direction and any country, will arrive at the Autobusové nádraží Florenc (Florenc Bus Station), which is next to the Florenc Metro (undeground) station, where two Metro lines (B = yellow line and C = red line) cross.

You can get to Dejvická (see above instructions) terminus by taking a very short trip on the B (yellow) line to Můstek station, where you change for A (green) line to Dejvická terminus. At Dejvická you change for buses No. 107 or 147 and travel for ten minutes to the bus stop Zemědělská univerzita.

Transport - taxi
The maximum prices for taxi services in the district of the capital city of Prague:
• ride in the district of the capital city of Prague 27,90 - 35,90 CZK / 1 km
• boarding fee 40 CZK
• waiting 6 CZK / 1min

The maximum prices are valid for all the vehicles offering the taxi services in the district of the capital city of Prague. The price for waiting includes waiting in a traffic jam (slow traffic) as well as waiting on customer's request. Fare outside the district of the capital city of Prague is not limited.
Selected Nonstop Taxi Dispatching Offices
AAA Radio Taxi - phone  +420 222 333 222, +420 140 14
City taxi - phone +420 257 257 257
Halotaxi - phone +420 244 114 411
Profitaxi – phone +420 261 314 111
Sedop - phone +420 281 000 040
Phone app – Uber, Bolt, Liftago
U can also use services of Uber, Bolt or Liftago via the app on your phone. Uber and Bolt can be driven by a driver without taxi licences, so they are much more cheaper than Liftago. The price for one kilometer varies between 10 – 27 CZK and the price from the airport to our university should be around 300 CZK (12 euro). However, the price of these services is determined by circumstances such as the choice of car, demand or the local traffic situation.