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We are looking for sponsors, partners and exhibitors for the ECCB 2022

The 6th European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB2022) provides a forum to discuss and develop solutions for some of the greatest challenges faced by humanity by bringing together at least 800 professors and other academics in natural and social sciences, practitioners, industry members, government administrators and decision-makers.


Sponsorship of the conference will help you to:

Enhance your brand among a global audience of more than 1000 conservation practitioners, decision–makers, and leaders in the field.

Give you the opportunity to network and make new valuable connections while showing your commitment to biodiversity conservation and planetary wellbeing.

Obtain visibility and launch and promote products and services. Support ECCB 2022 and SCB–ES in influencing global policy, developing positive collaboration and aligning with regional priorities to achieve greater conservation outcomes, developing training opportunities and inclusion for anyone concerned about the future of humanity.

By sponsoring the congress, you will make a difference by helping to maintain the integrity and sustainability of Earth’s ecosystems and thus ensuring a healthy planet for the future generations – a mission that matters. The conferences are also widely regarded as valuable networking occasions. This is a unique opportunity to meet the science community and discover new points of view

For detailed information see Sponsorship packetSponsorship packet


You are not able to exhibition in-person and still you would like to promote your materials?

We suggest you a solution!

-    placing your materials on the exhibition table without assistance at the cost 400 EUR/ throughout the exhibition period
-    placing your materials on the exhibition table with assistance during peak time of the congress at the cost 600 EUR/ throughout the exhibition period

    ECCB 2022 Exhibitors: