Scientific Committee

With primary responsibility for the scientific program of the conference. Including abstract reviewing.


Chair of Scientific Committee:           

  • András Báldi   (Hungary, Centre for Ecological Research)

Vice-chairs of Scientific Committee:   

  • Jonas Geldmann (Denmark)
  • Gábor Lövei   (Denmark/Hungary)
  • Michela Pacifici   (Italy, Sapienza Universita di Roma)
  • John Piccolo   (Sweden, Karlstad University)
  • Jiří Reif   (Czech Republic, Institute for Environmental Studies,
    Charles University Prague)

 Members of Scientific Committee:

  • Ahmed Uludag (Turkey)
  • Ana Benitez Lopez (Spain)
  • Ana Nunes (Portugal, UK)
  • Andrew Pullin (UK)
  • Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki (Hungary)
  • Anton Kristin (Slovakia)
  • Åsa Berggren (Sweden)
  • Aveliina Helm (Estonia)
  • Balázs Deák (Hungary)
  • Bill Sutherland (UK)
  • Catarina Ferreira (Canada)
  • Clelia Sirami (France)
  • Cornelya Klutsch (Germany, Norway)
  • Ezequiel Gonzalez (Czechia, Germany)
  • Ferdinand Bego (Albania)
  • Francisco Moreira (Portugal)
  • Geert de Snoo (The Netherlands)
  • Guntis Brumelis (Latvia)
  • György Pataki (Hungary)
  • Isabel Diaz Reviriego (Spain, Poland)
  • Laura Bosco (Finland)
  • Lena Gustafsson (Sweden)
  • Lluís Brotons (Spain)
  • Martin Dieterich (Germany)
  • Michal Knapp (Czechia)
  • Michelle Henley (UK)
  • Mikko Mönkkönen (Finland)
  • Nuno Negroes (Portugal, Bolivia)
  • Nuria Selva (Spain, Poland)
  • Olivier Honnay (Belgium)
  • Pavel Kindlmann (Czechia)
  • Piero Visconti (Italy, Austria)
  • Pierre Ibisch (Germany)
  • Raphael Arlettaz (Switzerland)
  • Ricardo Rocha (Portugal)
  • Rob Marrs (UK)
  • Sara Cousins (Sweden)
  • Tibor Hartel (Romania)
  • Volker Mauerhofer (Sweden)
  • Zsolt Molnár (Hungary)


Scientific programme

Practitioners, consultants, politicians, conservation and scientists and students are welcomed to discuss and to design new guidelines, tools and strategies in order to meet new challenges in times of biodiversity crisis.

The scientific program will features contributed talks, poster, and speed presentations as well as dozens of workshops and short courses.