There are only very limited possibilities for lunches nearby the congress venue. We highly recommend you to order the lunches in advance on the registration page according to your needs and we will arrange it for you. We have prepared following 3 lunch options for you:

Standard lunch in students' dining hall is recommended and includes a soup, a choice of served 4 main courses, a choice of vegetable or fruit salad and soft drinks including tea and coffee. 
Price: 400 CZK (16 EUR)

Buffet lunch is also in the student's dinning hall and includes a wider menu than the standard lunch (pasta bar, gril bar)
Price: 550 CZK (22 EUR)


Box lunch includes snack, fruit and soft drink. Please note, that the Box lunches are less eco-friendly due to the production of disposable packaging!
Price: 450 CZK (18 EUR)

Special dietary requirements (especially lactose and gluten free diet) - the lunches in the students' dining hall cannot guarantee these requirements, thus for these reasons we recommend you select Box lunches.