Social and Evening Events

MONDAY  August 22

Welcome Cocktail Reception:

The opening ceremony will be held in the Congress Hall of Czech University of Life Sciences. The welcome cocktail, some snacks and will be served there. You will have a chance to make friends and renew old acquaintances and join fellow delegates.

Date: Monday, 22nd August, 6 PM (18:00)

Price: Included in the registration fee.


TUESDAY  August 23

1. Dinner on boat:

A bus will take you from the hotel or congress site to the Vltava River where an air-conditioned pleasure boat awaits you. You will receive a welcome aperitif, while a hot and cold buffet with a wide choice of dishes will be available. Accompanied by jazz music, you will be taken on a two hours cruise along the Vltava, offering fantastic views of the river, lined by well-lit historic monuments such as Rudolfinum, Charles Bridge, majestic Prague Castle and more.

Date: Tuesday 23rd August, 8 PM (20:00), individual return to the hotel

Price*: 42 EUR (1.050 CZK)

2. Late night bat watching:

Evening bat watching excursion with a barbecue at a castle ruin (Točník castle, The Czech Karst) inhabited by several species of bats.

Date: Tuesday 23rd August, 6:30 PM (18:30), arrival time back to Prague will be around 11 PM (23:00)

Price*: 36 EUR (900 CZK)


3. Movie presentation and discussion 

The 75-minute documentary film "Shepherds of the Earth", by Iiris Härmä, reflects upon the multiple dimensions of the conservation research that the team has been undertaking during the past 5 years in the remote north-eastern shores of Lake Turkana (North Kenya). It documents richly their intimate field-based encounters with the Daasanach community. It follows steps of the team as they strive to understand Daasanach community complex relations with local wildlife. Although the film raises more questions than brings answers, Iiris Härmä has the talent to convey - with her script and images - many of the experiences we, as field-based conservation researchers, go through during extensive, exhaustive, and enriching field seasons. Sepherds-of-the-earth-press-kit.pdf (

Date: Tuesday 23rd August, 6:30 PM (18:30), Student’s club C in CZU campus

Price: free of charge


WEDNESDAY  August 24

Barbeque party:

Evening for all registered participants will be followed by traditional Czech music and produce. It will be held in the open air of the Campus of Czech University of Life Sciences.

Grilled venison, sausages, steaks, vegetable, fresh salads, seasonal fruits, Czech beer and wine will be served.

Date: Wednesday, 24th August, 8 PM (20:00)

Price: Included in the registration fee.


THURSDAY  August 25

The Únětice Brewery and restaurant:  

If you really wish to get to know something real about the everyday life of Czechs, you need to visit a beerhouse. Regarding the fact that Czech people are considered as beer drinkers, you are going to find quite a few of them in Prague. However, we have prepared an unformal evening for you in a family brewery in the Czech countryside, just 4 km from the CZU campus.

The Únětice brewery was built in 1710 and restored and reopened in 2014. The original atmosphere and ancient spirit of the building have been preserved and the rural atmosphere is underlined by a barn with a fireplace, where you will find various beer delicacies along with good beer. Enjoy! 

Date: Thursday 25th August, 7:30 PM (19:30), arrival time back to CZU campus will be around 11 PM (23:00), bus transport provided

Price*: 40 EUR (900 CZK)


FRIDAY  August 26

Congress banquet dinner:

Enjoy an evening amongst colleagues with a memorable fine dining experience in Municipal House in the Prague center. If you prefer the genuine Czech tradition, you should not refuse an invitation for traditional Czech specialties and excellent Pilsner beer. In the evening you can listen to the typical Czech music upgraded by live entertainment of accordionist - Duo Svejk. A gourmet dinner will be served. 

Date: Friday 26th August, 8:00 PM (20:00), individual arrival time back to CZU campus will be around 11 PM (23:00), individual return to the hotel

Price*: 60 EUR (1500 CZK)

*expected prices, may change


The following lunch options are available:

-        Lunch in students' dining hall = Standard lunch*: 14 EURO person/day

-        Buffet lunch*: 22 EURO person/day

-        Box lunch*: 16 EURO person/day

Please note:

Lunch in students' dining hall (Standard lunch) includes soup, a choice of served 4 main courses, a choice of vegetable or fruit salad and soft drinks.  

In case of a vigorous concern of the buffet lunch, the buffet lunch will be placed in the near hotel Galaxie (max. 10 minutes by walk from the congress hall).

Please note, that the Box lunch is less eco-friendly than the lunch in students' dining hall due to the production of disposable packaging!

*expected prices, may change