Let us offer you our unique congress T-shirts!

Congress T-shirts

To follow the eco-friendly strategy of the meeting we decided to cooperate with a local family company
 which has a wonderful story and exemplary relationship to nature (see below).
T-shirts are 100% cotton and made in accordance with nature.

Choose your size and colour in advance and order your t-shirt now. Not all colours and sizes will be available for sale during the congress. You can return to your ECCB account and buy it in advance there.

Price: 550 CZK (22 EUR)

 About the company


LESOTRIKO means “Forest T-shirt”. The idea of LESOTRIKO was born one day in a mind of a forester. There was a lack of T-shirts with motives of animals, trees, flowers, plants etc. His friend, a graphic designer, designed his own pictures at that time and they were always amazing! During one meeting in a pub, they came up with a concept for their business and the name LESOTRIKO was born! It was in spring 2018 when they started to create various designs, looking for a suitable supplier, creating an online shop and finally they had their first satisfied customer at the beginning of October 2018! So why not to continue with that success? New designs have been created since then. Nature is so diverse and unique which means their inspiration is infinite. They have a wide selection of T-shirts as well as sweatshirts, hoodies, underwear, socks and much more.

LESOTRIKO is a small family company. They are very happy that the customers like their products which are inspired by mother nature because nature is very important for our lives and well-being.   LESOTRIKO also help nature by supporting the charitable association "Live with landscape". They provide financial support as well as providing physical support carry out important activities including renewing field dirt roads, tree planting, bio belts planting, constructing watering holes, creating suitable biotopes for gray partridge (Perdix perdix), supporting of agroforestry systems and many other tasks. By buying the congress T-shirt you will be supporting their eco-friendly activities!

Man T-shirts


white T-shirt


blue T-shirt


green T-shirt


khaki T-shirt

Woman T-shirts


                       white T-shirt


                          blue T-shirt


                       green T-shirt


                        yellow T-shirt

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