Large-scale assessments for conservation
of European biodiversitys

Organized by: Dario Nania, Carlo Rondini, Sapienza University of Rome; Alessandro Chiarucci,
Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy
FRI 26 (10:30)

In Europe, the rate of biodiversity loss caused by global change is increasing. Large scale assessments are needed in order to develop effective conservation strategies to protect Europe’s biodiversity in the coming years. Macroecological approaches can support conservation efforts and environmental policy which can be applied across multiple countries in Europe. Further, it is crucial to assess the effects that biodiversity loss is having on our lives, as our societies depend on it. The goal of the symposium is to deepen our knowledge about large scale assessments and their implementation in conserving Europe’s biodiversity. The symposium will consist of six talks of 15 minutes.  The research presented in the talks focuses on assessments at different geographical scales, as well as on different biodiversity levels.  Case studies will span from country level (UK and Italy) to macro regions (southern Europe), as well as to the continental scale. The studies focus on different taxa, including both plants and animals (vertebrates and invertebrates) species. Further, one of the talks will focus on how large scale assessments can be used to estimate consequences of global change on nature’s contribution to people. After the presentations, a panel discussion will be open to allow participants to discuss the different approaches. In doing so, participants will have a chance to share  thoughts and ideas on how large scale assessments can strengthen conservation efforts in Europe. 


Ecological Barriers mediate spatiotemporal shifts of bird communities across Europe
- Laura Bosco (Finnish Museum of Natural History, Finland)

Plant protection by the Natura 2000 network across EU countries
Alessandro Chiarucci (University of Bologna, Italy)

Testing Key Biodiversity Areas criteria on Amphibians and Reptiles of Italy
- Dario Nania (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)

Conservation biogeography of small Mediterranean islands
- Riccardo Testolin (University of Bologna, Italy)

The effect of climate and land use change interactions on species’ distribution change in Great Britain
- Andrea Cristiano (Northumbria University, United Kingdom)

High biodiversity areas preserve nature's contributions to people under global change
- Marta Cimatti (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)